1. Dimensions: 2.1/2 in x 2.1/2 in x 1 in (60x60x25mm)
  2. Pressure sensor 4 in resolution .
  3. Display featuring absolute and relative altimeters, stopwatch and vertical speed.

    Tela Principal

  4. Trace mode, where the default view is replaced by a height over time plot. Ideal to focus and stay on weaker thermals.

    Tela Grafico

  5. Instant Bar that provides a fast visual feedback of your ascending performance. It helps to optimize your thermaling.

    Tela Barra

  6. Auto power off function, turns off the vario automatically when it detects long iddle periods, saving battery and preventing accidental discharge.
  7. Silence mode. Audio is enabled only after take-off by an smart algorithm.
  8. Flight logbook: Logs of the last 30 flights in permanent memory, recording maximum height, vertical speeds (up and down) and flight time.
  9. System records: Logs overall maximums reached in altitude, vertical speeds and flight time.
  10. Acro-mode: Automatically detects radical maneuvers and re-ajusts the measurement system in real time. Tested and approved by acrobats pilots in spiral dives of over 25 m/s!
  11. Rechargeable Battery: Uses a low self-discharge Lithium Polymer technology li-ion . Lasting for several months, even with frequente use.


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Thermal Express Classic - Black

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