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The Thermal Express company was created with the ideal to fulfill a need for free flying instruments that sets a higher bar on precision and sensitivity. From day one we were focused on developing novel and cost-effective products. By employing cutting edge technology, highly tunned algorithms and extensive in-flight testing, we were able to create what we guarantee is the most sensitive and accurate vario in the market.


The Thermal Express Variometer was developed to be compatible and fit in any cockpit without the need for adjustments or clumsy supports. Just take it and go!


The fully digital sensors and bulk purchases of components allowed us to deploy a product with a more accessible price tag. Allowing every pilot to have one


Features a high capacity, low discharge LiPo battery and optimized energy consumption algorithms. You rarely need to worry about charging your Variometer.

NO-Nail TM Exclusive warranty

We absolutely guarantee that you will detect even the most weak thermals and can evolve your performance quickly.

Exclusive warranty Thermal Express

Our high efficiency algorithm coupled with the use of internationally certified components allowed us to create an instrument with unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy in the market. The quality of the instrument speaks for itself, but nevertheless we go beyond: Our confidence that you will find, and hang to, ascending air is so high that we offer an exclusive guarantee: If you continue to underperform after using Thermal Express, just send us your instrument with 10 short flights in its memory that we will return the full amount paid. No questions asked! It`s an unique guarantee offered by Thermal Express to ensures that you will fly higher and longer!

Vario Thermal Express

Equipment technical description

  1. Dimensions: 2.1/2 in x 2.1/2 in x 1 in (60x60x25mm)
  2. Pressure sensor 4 in resolution .
  3. Display featuring absolute and relative altimeters, stopwatch and vertical speed.

    Tela Principal

  4. Trace mode, where the default view is replaced by a height over time plot. Ideal to focus and stay on weaker thermals.

    Tela Grafico

  5. Instant Bar that provides a fast visual feedback of your ascending performance. It helps to optimize your thermaling.

    Tela Barra

  6. Auto power off function, turns off the vario automatically when it detects long iddle periods, saving battery and preventing accidental discharge.
  7. Silence mode. Audio is enabled only after take-off by an smart algorithm.
  8. Flight logbook: Logs of the last 30 flights in permanent memory, recording maximum height, vertical speeds (up and down) and flight time.
  9. System records: Logs overall maximums reached in altitude, vertical speeds and flight time.
  10. Acro-mode: Automatically detects radical maneuvers and re-ajusts the measurement system in real time. Tested and approved by acrobats pilots in spiral dives of over 25 m/s!
  11. Rechargeable Battery: Uses a low self-discharge Lithium Polymer technology li-ion . Lasting for several months, even with frequente use.



With Thermal Express you can relax, trust and enjoy your flight without any worry.


Built with high quality components and materials for optimum durability. Its software was developed with care and precision, all to ensure the best experience and performance.


WhatsApp: 27 99742-7184
Web: www.thermalexpress.com.br

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